How to add your iTunes podcasts as bloggroll to WordPress


When I started my own blog, I wanted to have a list of my favourite podcasts that I had subscribed to with iTunes. Manually adding them as links to WordPress seemed to be too much work, so I had to find an easier way to add them all, since it’s been quite many podcasts. So here’s a little quick-and-dirty walk through how to semi-autmatically add a bunch of podcasts subscriptions from iTunes to your WordPress blog as a blogroll.

This is the English translation of a post originating from my German blog ““. I decided to move it here since it does not really suit the content on that blog anymore.

Exporting your podcasts lists from iTunes

  1. right-click in iTunes on your podcasts “list”
  2. select “Export playlist”
  3. select a folder and a file name where to store that list
  4. as file format select “OPML”

Importing your podcasts as link-list to your WordPress blog

  1. in your left WordPress navigation bar choose “links > link categories”
  2. create a new category for your podcasts
  3. go to “tools > import” and choose to import a blogroll
  4. select and upload the file you created from iTunes
  5. as category choose the one you created in step #2
  6. go to “widgets” and activate the linklist to one of your available widgets (depends on your current template)
  7. make sure to select the category you created in step #2
  8. give the widget an appropriate name

And your done! :-)

Many thanks for the food for thought made by the post on The (German) and the support guide on how to import a blogroll.

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